Storage: Standards

The Devil Is In the Details

Is it true that the storage world is upside down in the southern hemisphere, too?

The Big Gulp Theory

Who does the second-guessing is not always who pays the piper.

Has Information Lifecycle Management Arrived?

Is enterprise content management the next new panacea?

Out-of-the-Box Thinking From Zetera

Despite the tens of millions of dollars spent by vendor marketing departments since the late 1990s to evangelize network storage, it has never happened. Until now.

Rumors and Rumblings at SNW

Toigo sorts out fact from fiction

Readers Sound Off on T-Bits and B-Bits

Our column on actual vs. real disk space touched quite a nerve

It’s Not the Drill, It’s the Hole

Lousy component integration and ever-present infighting among Fibre Channel vendors may leave a hole in your wallet

T-Bits vs. B-Bits: What You Need to Know

Think you're getting the space your storage vendor says you're getting? Think again.

Storage Testing: Beyond Interoperability

Testing is absolutely required to ensure that storage “solutions” will actually resemble the pretty picture in the vendor brochure. But what's really needed is the ability to test storage products before you buy them—and under real workloads.

Another Voice from the SMI-S Trenches

Was development of the SMI specification by the SNIA usurped by a small group of vendors? A developer provides his real-world experience.

Pick a LUN, Any LUN

Familiar problems are starting to crop up

SMI: Will The Spec Ever Get Respect?

The SMI spec offers considerable benefits: improved efficiency and potentially huge management cost savings as well as improved troubleshooting capabilities. Yet SMI's poor outreach to end users has been a serious blunder. What the SMI should do next.

Winning the Little Battles to Demystify SMI-S

What, exactly, is SMI-S anyway? We may finally be able to find out.

Reader Mail: A Response to the FCIA

The author outlines 10 reasons why he disagrees with the FCIA's view of FC SANs

Family Counseling for SCSI

SCSI implementations may be different in terms of the way data packages flow, but all are members of the same family. Arguments over the superiority of any implementation are heated.