Compuware Ties COBOL Unit Testing Tool to DevOps Platforms -- Enterprise Systems


Compuware Ties COBOL Unit Testing Tool to DevOps Platforms ... at all skill levels perform unit testing on COBOL code just as they do with Java, PHP and ... of Ptak Associates, sees unit testing for COBOL code as a critical capability for ...

Analysts Discuss Mainframes and 'Digital Transformations' -- Enterprise Systems


... , who don't even know that the mainframe is there," the analysts write, "but many continue to develop on COBOL, citing skills and culture." ... "When we hire new people they sometimes think mainframe means COBOL and Assembler," Reddy said.

Mainframe SCM Software Gets Better Visualization -- Enterprise Systems


These legacy applications, often written in languages such as Cobol, PL/I or Assembler, must be updated in modern environments that support an increasing amount of user- and customer-facing distributed, Web, cloud and mobile workloads.

Syncsort Seeks To Simplify Big Data on Mainframes -- Enterprise Systems


Syncsort Seeks To Simplify Big Data on Mainframes ... "This means you can use the Spark API to access mainframe data and the associated COBOL COPYBOOKS, to understand, translate and securely load it directly into Spark," the company said.

Compuware Seeks To Modernize the Mainframe -- Enterprise Systems


... to its Topaz Runtime Visualizer, which helps developers inexperienced with mainframes gain insight into the inner workings of COBOL applications. ... Ensure the long-term viability of core legacy COBOL applications -- even as their most ...

Compuware Tool Aimed at Updating Legacy Mainframe Code -- Enterprise Systems


... code, likely written in languages such as COBOL or PL/I, is exemplified by Compuware ... 's enterprise apps still touch the mainframe, with more than 5 billion lines of COBOL code being added each year to a base excelling 220 billion lines of ...

Micro Focus Delivers COBOL Development and Deployment Capability for Windows 8 -- Enterprise Systems


Micro Focus has released Visual COBOL 2.1, a COBOL application development environment that now includes enhancements that ... Visual COBOL can deploy COBOL applications to many contemporary platforms such as Windows, .NET, and the cloud.

Micro Focus Introduces Free Integrated Development Environment for IBM Mainframe Application Modernization -- Enterprise Systems


... skills shortage by reducing the gap between COBOL, Java, and C# developers in a ... The product comes with smart COBOL editing, syntax checking, and compilation to create a simple way to modernize, develop, and maintain mainframe applications ...

IT’s Poor Customer Satisfaction: Don’t Blame Developers -- Enterprise Systems


Blog archive ... As IT has become more “consumerized” over the last several years, “business users ... Tools and approaches galore have been available to improve requirements gathering back when I a COBOL programmer in the 70s and 80s.

Oracle’s Updated Tuxedo Optimizes Integration with Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud to Increase Application Performance -- Enterprise Systems


... control capabilities, and integration with Oracle Berkeley DB and COBOL-IT compiler. ... Additional migration options: Customers can now use an alternate COBOL compiler, COBOL-IT Enterprise Edition, to remotely access mainframe databases and ...