Relax! Let Managed Service Providers Help Out

John Wolf, executive director of Océ Production Printing Systems in hurricane-prone Florida, now outsources some critical functions.


Shell Game

Computer forensics involves knowing where to look for data when a criminal attempts to destroy evidence. Find out how and where to seek data that can lead to catching a criminal.

Time Value of Money

To be an effective IT manager, you must take the time value of your precious budget dollars into account. This is especially important in large systems computing, where project time is measured in months and years, not days and weeks, and costs can run into the millions. Time value of money can become an important strategic factor in planning and presenting project proposals.

Planning Skills

A recent news item predicting a mainframe skills shortage that we ran in our twice-weekly Enterprise Strategies e-mail newsletter generated a strong response from readers.

Wireless Looms Large

The more wireless matures, the more promise it offers. But corporate wireless adoption is facing a classic chicken-and-egg quandary.

Mainframe Shops Eye Web Services

Web services are still in the infant-to-toddler stages. But ultimately, just about any mainframe or host-centric application will be fair game for the technologies.

SAN Vendors Cooperate? Ha!

Ever wonder what would happen if a truly open, standards-based, highly manageable and intelligent Storage Area Network (SAN) appeared in the market? While the idea is a wishful dream for enterprise managers, it's a nightmare for storage vendors.


Big-Company Intelligence

For large enterprises that want better business intelligence without the high cost and management headaches of an in-house solution, hosted business intelligence might be the answer.

Portals Pay Off

After all the hype from application server vendors in 2001, portals have finally landed firmly on solid, enterprise ground.

Choosing the Portal View

Managing its own internal portal project, Perficient Inc. came away with a deep understanding of the ins—and outs—of portals.

Wanted: A Host That Serves Reliability

Despite high-profile blowouts, managed service providers succeed at selling their high-availability message to large enterprises.