J Walks Adds NC-Friendly Features

When Version 2.2 of Seagull Software Systems Inc.'s J Walk Java tool is released for general availability in August, AS/400 users can look forward several new features intended to level the playing field between PCs and NCs.

"The key to the product is providing the same solution for both client platforms," explains Andre den Haan, director of product development for Seagull (Alpharetta, Ga.). Seagull is providing its customers with the ability to create both NC and PC solutions from the same development effort.

IT professionals who must choose between NCs or PCs, as well as Java vs. ActiveX will benefit from J Walk 2.2 features. "We recognize that our customers have a decision to make," den Haan says. "Our mission is to provide a product that covers all bases."

Among the features introduced with Version 2.2 are support for Microsoft Terminal Server (also known as Hydra), native AS/400 server, Java APIs for Java client extensibility, ActiveX support for Windows client integration, business graphics in Java client, online help in HTML and multiple sessions from a single browser.

With regard to Hydra support, Kim Addington, Seagull's VP of marketing says, "J Walk was developed to make it as easy as possible for our AS/400 customers to take advantage of emerging technologies while relying on their tried-and-true applications."

J Walk's capacity to support multiple server and client platforms, as well as multiple integration standards, enables Seagull customers to pass along solutions in the AS/400, Java and Windows environments to their end users.

According to den Haan, one of the keys to running a successful NC network is security. J Walk 2.2 is designed to enhance Internet access to existing applications, including the ability to run multiple sessions from a single browser and firewall protection through SOCKS-enabled Windows clients.