Lilly Adds Quality Management

Lilly Software Associates (Hampton, N.H.) continues to build its presence in the midrange market. The company's latest move consists of a private-label agreement with Integrated Quality Systems Inc. (Cleveland) to incorporate a quality management component into Lilly's Visual Manufacturing ERP solution. "For the first time, users can truly merge their customer service, manufacturing and quality efforts," says Jeff Davis, VP of business development for Lilly.

Lilly will add IQS's client/server quality management system as a new component called Visual Quality. IQS customers have used a similar technology - known as the IQS Business System - for the past decade. The Business System is designed to help businesses establish standards for products, processes, equipment, devices and personnel. IQS also created the solution to help companies achieve both ISO 9000 (international standards) and QS-9000 (automotive standards) registration.

As a package, the Business System offers support in the following areas: customer management, supplier management, system documentation, product documentation, process documentation, preventive maintenance, calibration management, employee involvement, data collection, statistical process control, nonconformance management, corrective action management, quality costs, audit management, PPAP management and APQP management.

IQS's search for partners in the midrange market presented Lilly with a solid opportunity to add a quality management component that the Visual Manufacturing package had been lacking, according to Michael Magoon, marketing coordinator with Lilly. Visual Quality turns Visual Manufacturing into a true ERP MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) solution, he says.

Visual Quality moves Lilly closer to creating a single, enterprisewide manufacturing control system, Magoon says. The next item on Lilly's Visual Manufacturing agenda is likely to be the addition of a sales force automation component to the package.