Survey Says: Increase in Web Tool Spending

In recent years, many companies have taken the plunge and invested more of their money into Web application development tools.

Strategic Focus Inc. (Milpitas, Calif.), a market research and software evaluation firm, says companies plan to spend even more money on Web application development in 1998.

Last month, Strategic Focus published and released a two-volume study called Trends in Web & Java Application Development Markets in the United States and Europe.

The study, based on a survey of application developers and MIS managers, found that growth in Web application development tools this year will increase significantly over last year. The U.S. market for Web application development tools will grow by 33.2 percent and the European market by 43.6 percent in 1998.

The 200 respondents in the United States were surveyed through the mail while the European study surveyed 450 people via phone interviews in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Although the expenditures are higher in Europe, Jay Prakash, president and principal consultant of Strategic Focus, says, "the per site expenditure is lower. Europe is not one homogeneous union; growth rates and technology penetration varied significantly between the countries surveyed."

The expenditure growth rates show what the respondents say they plan to spend on Web application development tools for building business applications in 1998 relative to what they spent in 1997.