Olympic Amis Bullish on Insurance

Olympic Amis Ltd. has signed a Software Vendor Marketing Program agreement with IBM to provide AS/400 business intelligence solutions to insurance companies.

The Dublin, Ireland-based company, with North American headquarters in Wood Dale, Ill., will work with IBM to deliver its AS/400-based business intelligence solution, Amis V8, to small and mid-sized insurance companies across North America.

John Schoenherr, director of North American operations for Olympic Amis, says information, which data warehousing solutions like Amis V8 provide, is the "lifeblood" of the insurance industry.

"Insurance companies today are building data warehouses to help develop new products, understand, retain and sell additional products to current customers, understand risks, identify new markets, better manage operations, speed up and simplify regulatory reporting, detect fraud, and improve customer service," he says.

In a related development, Olympic Amis has entered into a business alliance with Lamda Data Systems (New York) to bring high-end decision support capabilities to Lamda customers running their property and casualty insurance software on the AS/400. Lamda and Olympic Amis have developed a range of templates, data marts and programming interfaces which will enable users to integrate data warehousing and decision support facilities with the existing claims and premiums processing capabilities of the Lamda insurance application systems.

"The improved collation and analysis of data made possible by these types of alliances will give our customers a business advantage over their competitors," says Michael Loizou, president of Lamda. "This alliance sees us proactively making these benefits widely available to users across our AS/400 customer base."