AS/400 Marketing Efforts Heat Up

IBM has announced two new promotions for the AS/400 Models 150 and 170, effectively giving customers a price break for both.

Those who acquire an eligible AS/400e Model 170 Internet or intranet hardware and software configuration may qualify for a rebate ranging from $500 to $3,750, based on the eligible configuration acquired. The eligible Model 170 Internet or intranet configuration must be installed between April 29 and Dec. 31 to qualify for the rebate.

IBM has also announced decreases in program upgrade charges for AS/400 Model 150 software. The decreased one-time charges will apply to those programs whose charges become due on or after Sept. 8. The program charge decreases range from $70 to $980 based on program number and feature number.

Customers who buy a Model 170 and use it as an Internet Web server can qualify for a rebate of up to $775. The rebate amount is based on the eligible hardware and software configuration acquired, and starts at $500.

Customers must place their orders on or before March 15, 1999. The date of installation, as defined in the IBM Customer Agreement, must occur on or after Sept. 15, 1998, but no later than April 15, 1999.

Larger AS/400 customers are not left out of the recent announcements. IBM has announced a promotion designed to move AS/400 P40 group level customers up to the latest AS/400e technology.

From now until Dec. 1, customers with an AS/400 system installed with software at the P40 group level who upgrade or replace their machine with a qualifying new AS/400e model can receive a 50 percent discount off the eligible P40 to P50 base license group-to-group upgrade charges.

If those customers have a prepaid P40 software subscription, they will receive a P40 to P50 software subscription upgrade for no additional charge or a 25 percent discount on a new P50 prepaid software subscription.

These promotions are available only in the United States and Puerto Rico. Federal government customers should call (800) 333-6705 to determine eligibility.