Data Mirror Makes Sybase 2-Way Street

DataMirror has extended its bi-directional transformation capabilities to Sybase with the release of Transformation Server for Sybase, version 4.2.

The new product will benefit AS/400 customers in mixed platform environments since they will now be able to move data from a Sybase database on a Unix or Windows NT server to a DB2/400 database. Previous versions of Transformation Server for Sybase allowed only transformation of data from DB2/400 to Sybase.

“This helps people out with heterogeneous environments,” says Bill Hartwick, director of marketing at Markham, Ont.-based DataMirror. “When people purchase the AS/400, they’ll know that they can move data from various sources to it. It makes the AS/400 more usable.”

DataMirror already supports bi-directional replication between DB2/400 and Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases on Unix and NT. “It’s another piece of the puzzle,” he says.

Transformation Server for Sybase 4.2 also supports bi-directional replication and transformation of data among Sybase databases on Unix systems as well as between Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle data stores.

DataMirror also announced that it has increased its investment in DataBahn Inc., a San Mateo, Calif. Java database developer. DataMirror exercised an option to acquire more than 2 million Series B shares of DataBahn, increasing its stake in the company to about 40 percent.

The two companies entered an agreement earlier this year to embed DataMirror replication technology into the DataBahn pure Java relational database. DataMirror provided an initial capital investment at that time.

Hartwick says the additional investment is indicative of DataMirror’s commitment to the DataBahn database technology and the opportunity it presents since it will extend DB2/400 and other databases DataMirror supports to Java-enabled handheld devices.

“Any Internet appliance or anything that’s Java-based is a potential user of a DataBahn database. We’ll be able to have data replicate to it using Transformation Server,” he says.