SystemObjects Releases Data Pump

Since its North American debut earlier this year, SystemObjects Corp., the New York City-based North American division of French company TCIS, has specialized in AS/400 application development tools like ClientObjects/400, ActiveObjects/400 and Screen/5250.

Now the company is using its own application development technology to move into data warehouse building, releasing ExportData/400, a tool used to build NT data warehouses from AS/400 transactional data.

ExportData/400, built using ClientObjects/400 technology, provides a faster, more robust link between an NT server and an AS/400 than a typical ODBC connection. It features a Visual SQL Builder to select AS/400 data to export, an automatic system to execute these SQL requests during night jobs and an automatic starting of the NT process to download the data.

This fully automated, synchronized process between the AS/400 and the NT server connects over any physical link, using SNA and/or TCP/IP.

Olivier Play, technical manager at SystemObjects Corp., says ExportData/400 can move data from everywhere to everywhere. “You can move data from one server to another, from an AS/400 to a dBase or Excel database on Windows NT, and back to the AS/400 to run queries on it there,” he explains.

Users can also build their own database drivers with ExportData/400. “You can build your own driver and use it as the source or destination from the AS/400 or another platform,” Play notes.