SAP Certifies AS/400e for High-Volume Retail

SAP has certified IBM's AS/400e series benchmark of 1,345,000 POS (point of sale) data line items per hour on an 8-way AS/400e database server.

The certification means the AS/400 is a suitable platform to run SAP Retail at large chain store operators. SAP Retail is an enterprise solution for the retail industry, based on SAP's core R/3 ERP solution. It incorporates all key sectors of wholesale and retail business and provides links throughout the logistics supply chain.

The benchmarking used Release 4.0B of R/3 and V4R3 of OS/400 running on an 8-way Model S40-2207 AS/400e database server with 11 AS/400e application servers.

--D. Callaghan