AS/400-Level Security Brought to the Web

EnterpriseLink Technology Corp. plans to offer additional security features in its SmartTran product for customers developing and deploying e-commerce systems for business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications. SmartTran is designed to integrate the security and access control facilities of AS/400 and mainframe systems into the Web environment, enabling enterprises to implement secure e-business applications for large volumes of extranet users.

"Security is of paramount concern to enterprises seeking to implement e-commerce and extranet services applications," says J.C. Dorng, president and CEO of EnterpriseLink (Campbell, Calif.). "In response to this need, we’ve made multi-level security a top priority in designing and implementing SmartTran software."

The way SmartTran improves security integration is by providing both single sign-on and ID pooling capabilities. For single sign-on, the user establishes their identity once, via digital certificate, PIN number, password or SmartCard. The user is then authenticated automatically on subsequent ID requests.

ID pooling accommodates a large number of extranet users without the need to create a large number of new IDs. Instead, a limited number of IDs can be pooled inside a firewall and made available to extranet users through the SmartTran server.