HiT Throws Strike to Developers

HiT Software Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), a developer of IBM database access products using Windows and Java, recently announced JDBC/DB2 Enterprise, a DB2 and DB2/400 Java middleware product designed with native IBM server support.

JDBC/DB2 Enterprise includes JDBC drivers for the aforementioned DB2 databases, and the HiT dbProxy+ Server, which facilitates Java development on OS/400 and OS/390 operating systems. The company is targeting developers of Java-based e-commerce applications who seek fast DB2 applet deployment with minimal response time.

Because JDBC/DB2 Enterprise supports native IBM database servers, mission critical servers do not require additional host code, thereby maintaining robust application services. JDBC/DB2 Enterprise runs on all major application servers and Java-enabled platforms, including OS/400, OS/390, Windows 95, Windows NT, Apple Mac OS, Unix, Sun JavaStation and other network computers.

"IBM has obviously committed to DB/2 as the corporate database across server platforms," says Martin Smith, VP of marketing and sales at HiT Software. "HiT supports the range of servers that IBM makes available to DB/2. It’s nice to have one database standard deployed, and we want to help our customers expand their DB2 architecture to a variety of platforms."

Smith claims that JDBC/DB2 Enterprise is the first Java Type 4 implementation, which means it conforms to Sun’s two-tier direct connection using a full-scale SQL protocol stack at the Java client. In addition, the software lets users bypass IBM’s gateway to DB/2, which follows the three-tier paradigm.

Smith adds that many DB2 users are looking to expand their Java development efforts. "DB2 customers know the value of the Web infrastructure, and IBM’s support of Java 'green-lights' Java development. HiT provides a powerful middleware layer that meets their requirements for performance, security and flexibility."

The product provides universal servers and clients with DB2 access via the JDBC API, and supports IBM Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA) and OS/400-optimized database server protocols.

At least one user is excited about the prospect of circumventing IBM’s DB2 gateway.

"JDBC/DB2 Enterprise gives us a clean, fast two-tier solution to our customers’ critical DB2 data without the hassles [often associated with] third-tier gateways," says Jeff Reed, director of technology at Puget Sound Systems Group, a Lacy, Wash. consulting firm.