Server Integrates DB2/400 with the Web

In an effort to provide corporate developers with a unique DB2/400 Web integration server focused on the IIS Active Server Page (ASP) development environment, HiT Software Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) recently announced its ODBC Server/400 Developer's Edition, according to published reports.

ODBC Server/400 DE is designed to cut Web application development time by providing developers working ASP samples to query and update DB2/400 tables, control related OS/400 subsystems and retrieve DB2/400 data for redirection to Web applications. Included source code demonstrates connections using ADO recordsets, executing stored procedures, retrieving table data, inserting table data and displaying results via HTML.

ASP samples are designed to work with OS/400 V3R1 and newer, and can be installed at a Windows NT server or a Windows 98/96 client, communicating via the included HiT ODBC Server/400.

"We see Web integration of DB2/400 throughout the AS/400 customer base," says Giacomo Lorenzin, CEO of HiT. "Without requiring developers to spend months digesting the various technologies and interfaces, HiT has delivered a critical, secure middleware foundation to speed IS solutions."

ODBC Server/400 DE is designed to support access to post-V3R1 DB2/400 databases as well as the functions for ODBC Level 2 API conformance level and the highest SQL Grammar conformance level. The product also supports Microsoft IIS v3.

--L. Greenemeier