Internet Cable Aids Video Phone Trial

The high-speed duplex cable modem service of Internet Cable Corp. ( will showcase Intel Corp.'s Video Phone software designed specifically for cable modems and high-speed cable Internet connections.

"The increased bandwidth of the cable connection brings a new use to the PC: a world with richer communications, with full-motion, real-time video and audio to help keep consumers close to friends and family or business associates," says Ali Sarabi, director of the Broadband and IP Telephony Lab in the Intel Architecture Lab.

Later this month, Intel plans to begin trials of its broadband enhanced PC-based Video Phone with Internet Cable over US Cable Coastal Properties' ( high-speed cable Internet connections in the Wild Dunes suburb of Charleston, S.C.

"Many cable modem systems are not bi-directional and use a telco return. Our duplex system presents the proper and adequate environment for actual broadband products to be correctly showcased," says Tim Karnes, president of Internet Cable.

Internet Cable announced in July an expansion of its rollout of CableWave, in partnership with US Cable Coastal Properties, to larger residential and commercial markets in South Carolina and Georgia. CableWave is Internet Cable’s high-speed Internet access by cable modem service.