Overland Launches Connectivity Initiative

Overland Data Inc.(www.overlanddata.com) launched an initiative to give its LibraryXpress customers better Fibre Channel connectivity options. The company says the goal of the program is to provide LibraryXpress users with access to a variety of Fibre Channel technology-enabled storage area network (SAN) devices.

Some Fibre Channel benefits include higher bandwidth from 1 Gbps transmission rates, flexible connectivity and mass data transfer. Overland's proposal maps out an open connectivity model, one where the customer is given a choice of Fibre Channel options. Overland customers will be able to take advantage of the new Fibre Channel connectivity without losing their original investment in LibraryXpress hardware.

The initiative also covers Overland's co-marketing agreement with ATTO Technology Inc. (www.attotech.com).The deal will link LibraryXpress to ATTO's FibreBridge, a Fibre Channel-to-SCSI bridge.

LibraryXpress users equipped with FibreBridge will be able to transfer large volumes of data over longer distances and will be able to move existing tape libraries to next-generation interfaces more easily.