New AS/400 Y2K Product Launched

ValiDate/400 LLC (Ellijay, Ga.) has launched Validate/400, a new tool designed to be the "final filter" for Year 2000-related data errors.

ValiDate/400 monitors all database activity on the AS/400 and, when it detects a date-related error, alerts the operator, either by e-mail, pager or batch report. The product can be used to double-check the quality of vendor-supplied applications, catch errors missed in testing, trap mistakes made during conversion and continuously verify the quality of imported data, such as for EDI.

"ValiDate/400 was created because, with all of the software upgrades, conversion and testing [that] people have endured to become Y2K-ready, no one can really be sure they will not have date-related data errors when the new century actually arrives," says Andy Dukes, senior partner of ValiDate/400. "This tool monitors data quality for Y2K compliance in the production environment, thereby enormously reducing the risk of Y2K-related problems in 2000 and beyond."

ValiDate/400 resides on a 133-MHz or larger PC running Windows 95, 98 or NT4 and is connected to a production-environment AS/400 via standard connectivity tools.

--D. Callaghan