New IBM Access Utilities Cater to Small and Medium Businesses

IBM now offers two new models of its Access Utility, designed to offer small- and medium-sized businesses a range of thin server, virtual private network (VPN) and voice/fax/data functions.

The new Access Utility models 10F and 10H feature one adapter slot for a customized solution for small- to medium-businesses and remote office locations. These models ensure secure access to data from remote locations while providing secure connections to the Internet or company backbone.

Those using IBM Network Stations are also expected to benefit from the models 10F and 10H due to their integrated thin client support. Network resources are conserved using the devices' thin server function, which works in conjunction with AS/400s and other servers to provide an cost-effective, rapid network station startup.

"IBM recognizes that small to medium-sized environments and branch office customers need an affordable access product that is easy to deploy and manage," says Jose Garcia, VP of Workgroup Networks for IBM's Networking Hardware Division. "IBM's Access Utility Models 10F and 10H offer enterprise-class Thin Server, VPN and voice capabilities to small environments at a highly competitive price point."

The 10F (with flash memory) and 10H (with hardfile) are priced from $4,400 and will be generally available beginning in February.

-- L. Greenemeier

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