Core Updates CTCBridge 5250 for Java

With Version 2.00 of its CTCBridge 5250 for Java terminal emulation software, Core Technology (Lansing, Mich.) adds a variety of enhancements designed to help the company's product keep pace in the highly competitive terminal emulation market.

CTCBridge 5250 for Java is an emulator delivered through a Java applet, providing Internet or intranet access to an AS/400 via Core Technology's MultiBridge 32-bit communications server.

New features introduced with Version 2.00 include: support for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL); support for up to 1,000 stations, multiple host transports and multiple "Station Pools;" and enhanced printing capability through automatic installation of a link that enables users to download the Jprint Java printing protocol to their Windows client system.

Other enhancements to CTCBridge 5250 for Java include: script commands that enable the hiding of script activity from users and provide a better interface to "Underneath" filters, an optional development tool; a print capture window for enhanced screen print options; support for keyboard translation, allowing users flexibility in changing key image associations, especially when using keyboard layouts that do not march the Java default character set; user control over background and button colors for separate window environments; administrator control of user access to macros or scripts; user-specified actions for a right click or double left click of the mouse; and inclusion of example configuration and user.html files to facilitate the set up of separate configurations for different users or groups of users.

--L. Greenemeier

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