FileTrack Adds Conversion Streams

The newly released version 2.0 of Outlook Computing's FileTrack should make the migration to new software systems on the AS/400 virtually painless.

FileTrack, an AS/400-based data conversion tool designed for companies migrating data from existing applications when implementing new software systems, now features conversion streams that group multiple conversion tasks into a single job. Users can build entire system conversions – including non-FileTrack job steps – that can be run and repeated, with a single screen selection.

"The conversion stream feature provides a lot of flexibility in completing a data conversion," says Mitch Cohen, president of Deerfield, Ill.-based Outlook Computing. "It lets users incorporate non-FileTrack processes into a FileTrack conversion and eliminates the need for extensive CL conversion programming."

FileTrack also features data mapping options, which let users define how data will be transferred between files, and conversion testing, project management and documentation tools to help ensure conversions are completed accurately.

While FileTrack is AS/400 based, it works with data from any hardware platform once brought over to the AS/400 in the system's native EBCDIC format.

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