1999 AS/400 Salary Survey Results Are In

The results are in from the 1999 AS/400 salary survey, produced by Nate Viall and Associates (Des Moines, Iowa). Among the significant changes noted in the salary survey this time around are: a slight -- 1.6 percent -- increase in salaries for all managers and a healthy -- 6.8 percent -- increase in salaries for programmers.

Salaries for all managers in the AS/400 market are reportedly down to "mid-1998 levels," an average of $69,400, but up overall from last year. By individual title, most increases were three-to-five percent, with the exception of the title "application manager," which was down one percent. Managers report an expected 3.5 to five percent increase for 1999, according to the salary survey.

Salaries on the programmer level are up 6.8 percent to $47,200, reversing the lower three- to 3.6-percent increases of early 1998, according to the survey. The largest increases are reportedly for those with mid-levels of experience, up eight to 10 percent. Junior programmers reported a 1.3-percent increase, while those with more than 12 years of experience reported a 4.8-percent increase. Overall, programmers report an expected increase of five to eight percent in 1999.

According to the survey, current measurement of programmer turnover indicates 32.8 percent of respondents are new at their company since January 1997, nearly the same as in 1998.

Incentives remain abundant in 1999, as 28.7 percent of all programmers report a bonus (average of $3,384), up from 22.2 percent in 1998. For all managers, 49 percent report a bonus (average of $8,124). For directors and VPs, 65 percent report a bonus (average of $13,666 but down from $13,961 in 1998) while 44 percent of managers and supervisors receive one (average of $5,409).

--L. Greenemeier

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