Tivoli ADSM Adds AS/400, Other Platforms

The Tivoli ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (Tivoli ADSM) is now available for the AS/400, as well as Windows NT, HP-UX and Sun Solaris.

Tivoli ADSM is the replacement for the TME 10 ADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager, and is an advanced storage management solution that integrates unattended network backup and archive capabilities with storage management and disaster recovery functions.

A client/server storage management product, Tivoli ADSM provides administrator-controlled, highly automated, centrally scheduled, network-based backup and archive functions for workstations or LAN file servers.

Tivoli ADSM requires the Tivoli Management Framework, which is licensed separately, to operate in the Tivoli Management Environment. For centralized management within the Tivoli environment, Tivoli ADSM also requires the Tivoli ADSM Plus Module, which is included with the Tivoli ADSM server license.

The Tivoli ADSM Server on the AS/400 requires OS/400 V4R3.

--D. Callaghan

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