Leading security experts have identified the top security-related issues that corporations will face in the coming year. During the Bellcore/Global Integrity's SecureComm 98 conference held in November, 81 security executives were surveyed.

The survey found the top five information security issues for 1999 to be:

1. The ability of current security infrastructure to support electronic commerce activities.

2. Implementing remote access without compromising the security of the corporate network.

3. "Insider" attacks against corporate systems.

4. The extension of networks to support business partner connections.

5. Encryption and key management technology for customer interfacing systems.

"Whether a company is integrating networks, building channels for E-commerce or creating new mechanisms for service delivery, information security plays a vital role in ensuring a company's success," explains Anish Bhimani, Chief Scientist, Global Integrity. "Surveying the leading security experts in the country has provided a glimpse of what lies ahead and a roadmap of the biggest areas of concern for Information Technology (IT) security professionals."

"As technology continues to evolve, businesses need to put additional emphasis on securing the integrity of their communication networks and the data transmitted over the networks," notes John Kimmins, Senior Director, Security and Fraud Solutions at Bellcore.

QMSoft Supports Oracle8i

Qualitative Marketing Software (QMSoft) announced support for Oracle8I. This enables users to perform advanced geocoding services, by taking advantage of the geographic information found within most all database records - addresses, phone numbers or postal codes - and extend each database record with the associated latitude/longitude point. Oracle8i Spatial then stores this point, which serves as a reference for downstream analysis. Contact QMSoft at (800) 782-7988 or at www.qmsoft.com.

Controlling IT Costs

Analyzing data and trends in hundreds of IT asset management projects encompassing millions of desktops, Micropath, a provider of information technology asset management solutions, found that the average workstation has at least $405 worth of unlicensed software installed on each system. This figure is based on the manufacturer suggested retail price.

In most IT asset management projects Micropath uncovers approximately 10 to 20 percent more software applications, hardware and peripheral deployed than an organization actually realizes they have - significantly impacting purchase decisions, support and maintenance.

While most organizations are not intentionally "pirating" software, Micropath cites that organizations not in compliance are extremely vulnerable to third-party watchdog organizations, such as the Software Publishers Association (SPA) and Business Software Association (BSA), whom randomly audit organizations to ensure compliance. In addition to piracy issues, companies should know what is presently deployed on each workstation in order to avoid over-buying and under-buying. Contact Micropath at www.micropath.com.

Microsoft Partners with Information Builders for SQL Server 7.0 Launch

Information Builders has joined the Microsoft Certified Solutions Providers (MCSP) Alliance Program and will be participating in the launch of Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 data warehouse initiative. As part of the launch, Microsoft is distributing demo CDs to 14,000 MCSP partners throughout the world. The CDs contain demonstrations for SQL Server 7.0 and other value-added software, including Information Builders' SmartMart integrated data warehouse toolkit.

Information Builders' features two of its SmartMart components, Copy Manager and WebFOCUS, on the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 demo CD. Both SmartMart components extend the utility, performance and value of SQL Server 7.0. Copy Manager, SmartMart's fully automated Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) tool, provides unmatched data access, powerful data manipulation, and ease of use, allowing SQL Server 7.0 users to bring legacy, ERP and enterprise data to the NT platform. WebFOCUS, the industry-leading reporting and analysis system for the corporate Web, enables SQL Server 7.0 users to create Web-enabled reports from joined views of the NT platform and more than 30 other platforms, including UNIX and MVS. Both products excel in their ability to access and integrate disparate types of data, which protects an organization's investment in its enterprise legacy applications and accelerates the migration to SQL Server 7.0.

Top Dollar in IT

According to RHI Consulting research, IT experts on average can expect starting salaries in 1999 to increase between 2 percent and 6 percent over 1998. Internet-related positions lead all job categories, with average starting salaries increasing by more than 10 percent in specialties, such as applications programmers. Base compensation for high-demand job categories, such as programming and networking is projected to rise even further. Pay for IT consultants is also increasing and will exceed salary increases for full-time positions due to the market's strong demand for IT expertise on a just-in time basis. Pay rates may vary among consultants depending upon their levels of expertise and whether or not they bill hourly or by the project.

In addition, the hiring of IT professionals at all levels is expected to continue at an upward trend for 1999. RHI Consulting considers this to be a logical development given the rapid pace of current technological advancements.

The 1999 RHI Consulting Salary Guide provides data on starting salaries in the IT field. It can be used by businesses of all sizes to determine compensation levels for their employees. This guide is designed to give information to technology managers as an overview of the IT industry and outline how its growth is impacting employment trends.

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