EnterView 2.0 Adds AS/400 Support

With competition in the Web-to-host access market tight, WRQ Inc. (Seattle) has chosen to focus on how its Reflection EnterView 2.0 solution can be used as an e-business enabler.

"We play a critical role in helping business-to-business communication," says Scott Merrick, manager of the strategic marketing group for WRQ's host access products. "Helping businesses communicate more effectively, this is where Web-to-host can grow in the e-commerce space."

With Reflection EnterView 2.0 WRQ brings its Web-to-host e-business enabler to IBM's midrange market, offering support for the AS/400, something Version 1.0 lacked. In addition, Version 2.0 is designed to provide users with multiple security options that adapt to individual organizations' needs for data encryption. EnterView security uses a Java client and proxy server with end-to-end security services, including standard 168-bit triple DES and 56-bit DES data encryption and secure server authentication.

Scheduled to ship on March 31, Version 2.0 also features advanced, Java-based application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs -- accessible through Java, VBScript and HTML -- are designed to allow IT automate logon scripts, access dialog boxes and create a Web framework to develop simpler user interfaces to legacy applications. With EnterView 2.0, all users -- regardless of client device -- operate within the context of a browser interface.

Working with Netherlands-based JBCS, provider of the J42 automated host access rejuvenation tool, WRQ has also developed a J42 interface compatible with Reflection EnterView. This enables EnterView users to automatically turn green-screen applications into a graphical user interface (GUI).

"[EnterView 2.0] was developed looking at the Web as a new type of platform," says Kristin Connor, WRQ enterprise product manager. "In getting rid of the middleman," smaller companies are able to use the Web to better compete with bigger companies using large enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages.

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