Marcam Enhances Avantis EAM Solution

Marcam Solutions Inc. (Newton, Mass.) has announced enhancements to its AS/400 enterprise asset management (EAM) solution, Avantis.XA, according to published reports.

Avantis.XA is targeted at Global 1,000 companies optimizing their capital investments and is designed to increase operational efficiency, reduce total cost of equipment ownership and optimize asset performance.

With the new Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) enhancements, Avantis.XA is expected to help customers monitor the crucial assets of their organization, eliminate emergency work and increase equipment reliability. For example, if a capital asset is not performing to its optimum level, it is identified, and the user is empowered to make the necessary changes to achieve operational efficiency. In addition, the user can track and analyze capital expenditures and better determine where capital is being spent inefficiently.

"The new release of Avantis.XA takes enterprise asset management solutions to the next level," says Tim Corcoran, application specialist at Fraser Papers Inc., a leading North American pulp and paper company. "With the high overhead and capital costs in the pulp and paper industry, your plant needs to run at maximum efficiency. We are very excited about the new [RCM] module of this release, which will assist us in achieving our goal of reducing equipment downtime."

In addition to the new RCM enhancements, this latest Avantis.XA release is designed to offer AS/400 customers advantages in inventory and purchasing control. Avantis.XA customers will be able to reduce costs associated with damaged or obsolete supplies and materials. The enhanced Repairable Spares feature allows companies to define a material as a part or entity that can be new, rebuilt or repaired, and then returned into inventory for future use. All existing Procurement, Inventory and Maintenance functions are then applicable to the repairable spare. Avantis.XA customers can track the product life cycle of their capital-intensive machinery, determining when an asset should be repaired or replaced.

--L. Greenemeier

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