Source Retrieval Announces New Division, Products at Common

Source Retrieval used this year's spring Common conference and trade show in San Francisco to announce a number of new initiatives and products.

Foremost among Source Retrieval's announcements was the opening of a new division, E-COMDESIGN, created to provide full-service Web development and design, Web marketing and Web hosting services. The purpose of the new company, which has offices in Cincinnati and Punta Gorda, Fla., will be to help the AS/400 small and medium business market with its e-commerce needs, according to company reports.

Plans to co-market with several IBM Business Partners and ISPs are in the works, while a tentative agreement with I-1 Business Express is expected to enable E-COMDESIGN to immediately offer six levels of hosting services from a Personal Account offering 600 MB monthly data transfer and six POP3 e-mail accounts for $25 monthly, to a high-volume corporate account with 10,000 MB monthly data transfer and 21 POP3 e-mail accounts for $595 per month.

Also at Common, Source Retrieval introduced SOURCEFIND, an AS/400 programmer's tool designed to solve the common problem of determining which of several source members corresponds to the currently running program object.

SOURCEFIND can be set to run system-wide and compare multiple source members simultaneously and performs a byte-by-byte comparison to insure an exact match. If there is a match, SOURCEFIND identifies the correct source member, along with the source file and library in which it resides, allowing programmers to work with a fully documented source.

In addition the company announced at Common the latest release of its source recovery utility, DOC RPG 4.4, a programmer's tool designed to enable AS/400 users to retrieve missing source members from program objects. DOC RPG 4.4 can be loaded on any model AS/400 and will successfully decompile program objects compiled under CPF rel. 7 through V4R3 of OS/400.

--L. Greenemeier

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