Lawson Announces Partnership with SoftLanding, Insight II

In a move to more closely integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) with change management, Lawson Software has chosen SoftLanding Systems as a Lawson Global Affiliate Integrated Network (GAIN) partner. As a partner, SoftLanding (Peterborough, N.H.) is expected to provide Lawson AS/400 customers with change management products that complement Lawson's own ERP offerings.

"In order to maintain competitive advantage today, companies must be able to react quickly to new business opportunities," says Paul Schlieben, president of SoftLanding Systems. "Companies that can make software changes quickly and reliably have a definitive advantage. The Lawson/SoftLanding relationship will result in an efficient, reliable change solution tailored specifically to Lawson environments on the AS/400 platform, using our TurnOver Change Management solution as a base."

TurnOver Change Management includes: source/object management; software distribution and installation; recovery options; several utilities including cross-referencing, new release synchronization and version management; and client/server helpdesk and project management modules. The full TurnOver suite will be available to Lawson Insight shops on the AS/400 platform.

In other Lawson news, the Minneapolis-based company has announced commercial availability of its Lawson Insight II business management system. Insight II is designed to help companies achieve "operational excellence" by managing overall global business performance on a real-time basis and combining process and performance management into a single integrated system.

The product is built upon Lawson's transactional application process suites for managing financials, human resources, procurement and supply chain, and new process suites for managing collaborative commerce, performance management and enterprise budgeting.

--L. Greenemeier

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