SEAGULL Introduces J Walk 3.0

With version 3.0 of its J Walk product, SEAGULL introduces a number of new features and increased security to its GUI-to-AS/400 access tool.

Included with version 3.0 of J Walk are: real time, integrated data access (RIDA) functionality; enhanced native AS/400 server performance with targeted HTTP server speed and improved memory management; extended connectivity through support for SOCKS proxy, direct connection and HTTP tunneling; JavaBeans support; Apple JVM support; and national language support.

"It is SEAGULL's business strategy to continue to push the envelope on what can be accomplished with application enhancement tools," says Kim Addington, VP of marketing for SEAGULL (Atlanta). "J Walk version 3.0 is a great example of thinking outside the box in our quest to help our customers integrate their AS/400 applications into today's computing environments with speed, simplicity and reliability -- the hallmark of the AS/400 platform."

RIDA functionality -- first introduced to SEAGULL customers with GUI/400 4.1 -- opens and extends client-based access to AS/400 databases. These real-time, integrated data access capabilities provide six technology enablers for AS/400 data and applications: real-time AS/400 data presentation within an application; tighter integration of disparate applications; application-independent access to data; enhanced control of application workflow; built-in EIS and dimensional business graphics capabilities; and a new layer of field-level security for intranet/Internet access to existing data.

J Walk 3.0 also offers three methods of connection to address various security and firewall scenarios: direct connection; SOCKS proxy; and HTTP tunneling. In addition, J Walk Java, browser and Windows clients are designed to intuitively determine which method to use, depending on a user's particular configuration.

--L. Greenemeier

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