FORMation mg and ADVANCED BusinessLink Partner

The recent partnership between FORMation mg (Irvine, Calif.) and ADVANCED BusinessLink (Kirkland, Wash.) is a step forward for companies looking to enhance the distribution of electronic forms using the Internet. Through the agreement, users of FORMation mg's flashFORM400 and ABL's Strategi will have the capability to transfer electronic documents across the Internet for viewing or printing.

Strategi and flashFORM400 users will now be able to manipulate preformatted AS/400 binary files -- such as purchase orders, invoices, time cards and checks -- through a browser, decreasing the need for multi-printer outques in remote locations.

"The concept to deliver FORMation's automatically merged electronic form and check applications to remote users with access to PC browsers via Internet was a thrilling proposition for us," says FORMation mg’s President Dan Forster. "Advanced BusinessLink was right on target with their proposal to mutually provide an 'electronic document distribution' solution to AS/400 users. Historically this viewing or printing of electronically merged jobs at remote sites was accomplished through a more cumbersome and costly remote controller device."

Scott McBurney, Strategi product manager, adds, "This will be tremendously useful for customers whose businesses are project oriented or involve remote sites. Distribution companies with remote warehouses, construction and architectural firms with jobsite offices and any organization with a distributed network of sales and support centers can benefit by having the capability to fill in and print forms from the home office over the Internet."

--L. Greenemeier

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