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HP STARS In Web-based Training For Channel Partners

Ken Deats, Associate Editor

HP’s new STAR Education Channel Web-based Training (WBT) is a program that gives HP channel partners instant access to sales training and technical information on HP products and services. This Web-based training program represents a significant new expansion of HP STAR, HP's global training and certification program for channel partners.

"HP prides itself on being responsive to changing needs of our channel partners," said Jim McDonnell, HP vice president and general manager of the Commercial Channels Organization. "Therefore, we’re pleased to be providing a tool that will make it easier for them to get the training and information they need."

The STAR channel includes training courses for HP 9000 Enterprise Servers and soon will include additional courses that cover HP NetServers, UNIX and Windows NT workstations, software and networking.

In addition to providing up-to-date product and technical information, HP STAR Education Channel WBT will help HP channel partners with:
  • minimizing sales and technical professionals' time out of the field;
  • reducing travel costs;
  • providing easy access to information via desktop or laptop PCs; and
  • offering an efficient way to learn about HP products and services.
Channel partners in the United States have access to the HP STAR Education Channel WBT through HP's Web site for channel partners. Channel partners outside of the United States are expected to have access to HP Education Channel WBT in the next few weeks through the HP channel-partner secure Web site in their region.

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