Casahl Links Workgroups with Enterprise Apps

The latest version of Casahl Technology Inc.'s enterprise application integration solution brings to the market support for replication and real-time transaction processing. With Replic-Action Version 6.0 Casahl (San Ramon, Calif.) has designed an integration tool to bridge the gap between workgroups and disparate enterprise databases.

Replic-Action 6.0 enables workgroups such as Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Access/VB/Excel/FoxPro, SQL Server, Sybase, Microsoft IIS, Web server, Lotus Domino Web server and Netscape Web server to integrate with a number of enterprise applications, including several that run on the AS/400.

The product -- currently available -- allows data to be exchanged quickly without having to replace existing applications. Replic-Action 6.0 also allows real-time transaction processing and replication between workgroups and enterprise applications.

Among Replic-Action 6.0's key features are: server-based architecture that provides load balancing, fault tolerance, logging and scalability; point and click integration that eliminates the need for scripting and programming; real-time transaction processing and data synchronization; supported data transformation, workflow triggering and job sequencing; and integration with existing systems using familiar workgroup applications.

“With over 2,000 satisfied Replic-Action corporate customers, over 50 percent of which are Fortune 500 companies, Casahl is the first to focus on Enterprise-Enabled Workgroups,” says Harry Wong, president and CEO of Casahl Technology. “The release of Replic-Action 6.0 is testament to our continued commitment to providing an industrial-strength, cost-effective solution that allows all workgroup users to be productive enterprise application participants.”

--J. Martin

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