Candle Sheds Light on Web Usage Patterns

As e-business and e-commerce expand on a daily basis, Internet sites are now more important than ever for networked businesses. But what really goes on at a Web or e-commerce site? Candle Corp. (Santa Monica, CA) looks to answer that question with the release of eBA ServiceMonitor and eBA ServiceNetwork, software and services offered to provide "e-Business Assurance."

ServiceMonitor and ServiceNetwork are designed to provide measurement of the customer experience on a Web or e-commerce site. Currently, most businesses measure their Web site performance response availability by monitoring systems internally or via a service that accesses select site pages. Through eBA ServiceMonitor and eBA ServiceNetwork, Candle provides a more comprehensive look at these sites.

EBA ServiceMonitor captures, collects and reports the response time and navigation patterns of Web sites. The software monitors activity from the end-user perspective and delivers immediate, accurate information on Web site information. In addition, eBA ServiceMonitor can also track users across geographies, access carriers and topologies to provide an accurate representation of site visitors. Using this product, a manager of an e-commerce site can access the following information: roundtrip response time by the customer on each Web page URL; browse time (time customers spends on the Web page); "clickstream" (the path the user takes to navigate throughout the site); and breakdowns of response time by client, network, server and individual objects on the Web pages.

EBA ServiceNetwork is a service Candle sets up and manages for its customers. Through the service, Candle takes the data collected by eBA ServiceMonitor and puts it into a central repository, where managers can view the information in various reports and via interactive analysis using a Web browser interface.

Pricing for eBA ServiceMonitor begins at $1,995 for a starter pack that measures up to 10 URLs on a Web server. Enterprise configurations are typically priced at $100,000 and up, depending on the size and configuration of the e-commerce site. Pricing for eBA ServiceNetwork varies depending on customer requirements. Both products have been available since late April.

--J. Martin

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