HP ProCurve’s Ready For ITs Closeup, Mr. DeMille At Cannes Film Fete

CANNES, France, May 11, 1999 – HP’s ProCurve Networking is driving the convergence between entertainment and technology for the 52nd Cannes International Film Festival, which takes place here May 12 through 23.

HP ProCurve Networking and Film Scouts LLC are teaming to deliver “multicast” coverage of the film festival, accessible worldwide via the Internet. The multicasts will include the two companies’ “seaside chat” on the convergence of entertainment and technology.

Additionally, HP has supplied computing and networking equipment for the production of Variety’s Cannes Dailies, enabling Variety’s team of international reporters to cover all the festival’s news and more than 100 films. Throughout the film festival, HP ProCurve Networking will provide the cutting edge of network technologies.

“The Cannes Film Festival is a high-profile international event, providing HP with the opportunity to showcase its networking technology in several unique venues,” said John McHugh, general manager of HP ProCurve Networking. “From supplying the IT equipment for Variety’s temporary news room to multicasting the film festival across the Internet with Film Scouts, HP delivers business-critical network capabilities.”

During the festival, Film Scouts and HP ProCurve Networking will multicast events, including live and pre-recorded reports, interviews with film directors, movie clips and trailers. Some of the directors that Film Scouts expects to interview are David Cronenberg, Pedro Almodovar, Werner Herzog, Jim Jarmusch, Peter Fonda, David Mamet, Tim Robbins, Ron Howard, David Lynch and Peter Greenaway. The multicasts can be viewed by accessing the Film Scouts Web site.

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