Novell, IBM Team to Deliver Host Integration Solution

In a move that strengthens the time-test bonds between Novell Inc. and IBM, the companies have announced a suite of solutions designed to facilitate the integration of host applications with e-business components.

This suite is available as the Novel Host Integration Solution, and consists of four modules: Novell NetWare for SAA 4, Novell NetWare Host Publisher v1.1, IBM Personal Communications 4.3 and IBM Host On-Demand 3.0.

"With this offering, the customer is looking at the benefits of a comprehensive package without having to implement a multi-vendor solution," says David Holbrook, manager of host connectivity for Novell (Provo, Utah). Implementation of an integrated solution helps businesses both deploy and manage their e-business objectives.

Novell NetWare for SAA 4 was co-developed with IBM, and is a directory-enabled host connectivity solution for integrating NetWare networks, corporate intranets and Internet applications with AS/400 and mainframe systems.

Novell NetWare Host Publisher v1.1 is a software product designed to permit authorized users to access applications and data on AS/400 and IBM mainframe systems through corporate intranets, extranets or the Internet using a Web browser.

IBM Personal Communications 4.3 is a host communication and terminal emulation package that features 5250, 3270 and VT emulation, as well as SNA applications support and SNA and TCP/IP connectivity. Personal Communications supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Host Access Beans for Java and ActiveX.

IBM Host On-Demand 3.0 is a 100 percent pure Java emulator designed to provide secure browser access to host data and applications. Host On-Demand provides TN5250, TN3270 and VT 52/100/240 terminal emulation, as well as Java-based customization capabilities, enabling developers to build custom e-business applications.

The announcement represents a continued strengthening of Novell's relationship with IBM, according to Holbrook. In addition to Host Integration Solution, recently announced at its BrainShare technical conference in Utah that WebSphere -- IBM's Web application environment -- will be ported to NetWare. "The WebSphere capability provides a very sophisticated way to deploy line-of-business applications and initiate host integration," he adds.

The Novell Host Integration Solution is available beginning in June through Novell and its channel partners worldwide.

--L. Greenemeier

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