Electran Inks Compatibility Deal For Net.Commerce

Capitalizing on the stir IBM's Net.Commerce Version 3.0 has caused in the market since its release on April 30, Electran Corp. (Larkspur, Calif.) has announced the signing of a Software Compatibility agreement with IBM Net.Commerce 3.0 and Electran/AS.

Electran/AS is expected to use Net.Commerce to provide the base e-commerce application services and provide the application integration software that connects Net.Commerce with existing applications, without requiring changes to existing AS/400 applications.

"The open platform environment of IBM Net.Commerce provides solution developers with opportunities to build critical customer solutions to advance e-business," says Karl Salnoske, general manager of e-commerce at IBM. "Electran/AS will enable IBM AS/400 users to extend their existing customer-facing business process to the Web, quickly and securely."

Electran Corp. is equally optimistic about the compatibility agreement. "Net.Commerce is the most robust e-commerce merchant server in the marketplace today," says Christopher Herron, president of Electran. "Electran/AS and Net.Commerce is a win-win combination for customers wanting to implement business-to-business electronic store-fronts. We are very pleased to be developing products that are compatible with Net.Commerce."

--L. Greenemeier

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