ESCON Gains SAP Certification

IBM’s Netfinity ESCON adapter has received interface certification from SAP. The Netfinity ESCON adapter allows customers to directly channel-attach their Netfinity servers to their S/390 enterprise servers (running the DB2 for OS/390 database server for SAP R/3). In this configuration, customers can use Netfinity servers as high-performance SAP application co-processors to their mainframe systems, creating a three-tier client server environment.The Netfinity ESCON adapter is a PCI-based adapter designed to enable multiple Netfinity users to access multiple mainframes. Its architecture minimizes delays and reduces server processing cycles from mainframe access equation. This allows Netfinity servers and mainframe servers to spend processing cycles on application execution. As the first adapter to fully implement the Multi-Path Channel (MPC+) protocol, two Netfinity ESCON adapters can be combined for full duplex communication.Using ESCON-attached Netfinity Servers for SAP R/3 applications, customers can benefit from a high-capacity, bi-directional connection between S/390 and Netfinity Servers at speeds of up to 200 Mbps; as well as a reduction of performance bottlenecks introduced by LANs and intermediary controllers or gateways. Fewer hardware components in the configuration -- one card and one cable to the mainframe -- eliminates the need for hubs, switches and controllers in a LAN environment.The Netfinity ESCON adapter is currently available worldwide at an estimated reseller price of $12,499. The adapter assumes the terms of the three-year limited warranty on the IBM Netfinity system.

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