BPCS Takes Advantage of D&E System

Looking to expand upon SSA's BPCS enterprise resource planning solution, D&E Support Professionals Inc. (Tustin, Calif.) have announced the availability of C/S Enterprise Advantage, a PC-based BPCS navigation and presentation system designed to allow users to quickly analyze and interpret the status of customers, vendors and parts by supplying a complete view of the information, according to published reports.

A Windows-based inquiry system, C/S Enterprise Advantage displays more information than currently available through BPCS screens. Combing AS/400 relational database power with Windows GUI and point-and-click technologies enables BPCS users to access detailed information rapidly.

C/S Enterprise Advantage is designed to improve information access and availability, without the concern of unauthorized updates to enterprise information. Some of the major benefits include improved availability of information and a reduction in reliance on IT department resources for report generation and special programming.

C/S Enterprise Advantage uses native TCP/IP or an APPC router to connect to the host AS/400. It also provides direct access to AS/400 database files using native RPG ILE.

--J. Martin

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