IBM’s ViaVoice speech recognition technology is available for the Linux operating environment. The initial Linux offering will include a beta version of IBM ViaVoice Software Developers Kit (SDK) for Linux, IBM ViaVoice Run Time Kit for Linux and open source sample applications. These technologies promise to provide the foundation for application developers to incorporate speech recognition technology into the next generation of applications. The initial beta version of the ViaVoice engine and SDK for Linux is available in U.S. English. Red Hat Software will be the first to distribute IBM’s speech technology as part of the company’s Linux 6.0 Application CD. In the coming months, IBM plans to extend its ViaVoice for Linux offering to support a variety of languages, additional content and distribution channels, including Caldera Systems. In addition, IBM will host a Web site for new technology downloads and a discussion group for technical information and collaboration with fellow developers. ViaVoice for Linux is available immediately from Linux Red Hat. For more information about these services, visit For information about Red Hat Linux 6.0 and the Application CD, visit

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