BMC Announces PATROL for MQ

Looking to bring about the latest in message-queuing technology, BMC Software announced the general availability of PATROL for MQ product family. Designed to be a fully-integrated message-queuing middleware (MQM) solution, PATROL for MQ enables customers to proactively view, act, respond and manage the critical objects that can affect MQM application availability, performance and recovery.

"Patrol for MQ provides what is, by far, the most complete and cost-effective middleware management solution available," says Saverio Merlo, VP and general manager of the application service management business unit for BMC software. "Customers can experience the benefits of our combined expertise, while being assured of two things: protection of their current MQSeries investment, and maximal management functionality as they grow."

Some of the PATROL for MQ family's newest features include: comprehensive content management; end-to-end MQSeries message compression; and log management. The family also enables the management of both IBM's MQSeries and Microsoft's MSMQ using a single solution.

"The growing number of MQSeries users will benefit from the combination of these two leading MQSeries management solutions," says Paul Mason, VP of Framingham, Mass.-based International Data Corp. (IDC). "Customers receive a comprehensive, scalable set of management solutions that should provide rapid return on investment, improved availability and performance, and reduced cost of ownership."

The Patrol for MQ product family combines technology from Houston-based BMC as well as its recent acquisitions, including BGS, Boole & Babbage and New Dimension Software. The solution builds upon BMC's background in mainframe and distributed systems enterprise while providing capabilities in areas such as configuration and operation management, scalability and modular architecture, multi-layered advanced automation, performance monitoring and optimization, dynamic tuning and recovery.

--by J. Martin

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