CoVision Adds More Partners

HP announced it has added 16 new companies to its Covision Program. The program an integrated collection of applications; HP computer technology; and services from resellers, systems integrators and ISPs that provide Internet-related products and services. The Covision program now include more than 100 application and channel partners.

The eight new channel partners being added include:

CC Pace Systems -- innovative technology consulting services to help today's enterprises transform into e-enterprises;

Coleman-Martin -- business solutions for IT architecture, system and network management, and application development;

Global Software Resources, Inc. -- technology-implementation services for customized e-commerce solutions;

Interland, Inc. -- Web hosting and e-commerce with reliable technology, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and 24x7 support; ,/p>Media Net Link>-- Web-systems integration services for business, including development, testing and deployment, hosting, maintenance, and Web-site support;

Medium Group, Inc.strategic Internet services to develop e-commerce strategies; improve business processes; and create marketing, communications and branding strategies using Internet-based technologies;

The Spanish Connection-- Internet portal site that hosts, creates and connects e-commerce sites from English to Spanish and/or Portuguese;

Workstations International -- business-focused technical-implementation services for effective Internet, intranet and extranet deployment.

The eight channel Internet-technology companies include:EC Cubed -- a suite of re-usable, JavaTM-based application components that enable Fortune 1000 companies to build an array of buy-side and sell-side applications for business-to-business e-commerce;

Epicentric -- application, content and commerce aggregation and syndication technology and solutions that enable companies to build custom portals for their intranets and extranets;

Eprise Corporation -- distributed content-management software to deliver timely, targeted e-business communications;

Excalibur Technologies -- knowledge retrieval and digital-asset management solutions for intelligent search and retrieval of information, irrespective of media data type;

Keyfile Corporation -- work-process automation for the e-commerce enterprise;

Paradata Systems, Inc. -- tools and services for secure electronic transactions and digital product distribution;

STORM Systems, LLC -- Web-server enhancement software that maximizes the performance of Web servers and provides the speed and reliability required by mission-critical Web sites;

UpShot Corporation -- easy-to-use Web-based solutions for managing sales and increasing sales-team productivity.

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