The N-class In A SPEC95 Class By Itself

HP’s new 9000 N-Class server (announced in April) has set new records on the SPECint_rate95 benchmark -- the industry-standard test used to measure and compare computer performance across different hardware platforms. With a record-setting posting of 2403 SPECint_rate95, the eight-CPU capable N-Class outpaced all other servers in its class, including Compaq, IBM, SGI and Sun. Furthermore, the N-Class server's 2075 SPECfp_rate95 results placed it among the industry's top performers, but according to HP, at a much better price.

The N-Class is designed to handle technical-computing applications used in automotive, aeronautic, electronic and scientific research. Underscored by its recent SPEC benchmark performance, the N-class’ integer and floating-point calculation speed enables mechanical designers to solve larger and more realistic design and analysis problems faster.

SPECcpu95 is a software benchmark product produced by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC), a non-profit group of computer vendors, systems integrators, universities, research organizations, publishers and consultants throughout the world. SPEC95 contains two suites of benchmarks: CINT95 for measuring and comparing compute-intensive integer performance and CFP95 for measuring and comparing compute-intensive floating-point performance.

SPECcpu95 results are available at the organization’s Web site.

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