Inacom’s Deployment Services for Office 2000

Inacom Corp., a Fortune 500 technology services leader, announced the release of Office 2000 Deployment Services for Microsoft Office 2000. Inacom Office 2000 Deployment Services will help organizations quickly garner all the benefits of Microsoft Office 2000, while ensuring successful and seamless migrations. Inacom’s Office 2000 Deployment Services -- which include planning the IT infrastructure strategy to meet business requirements, designing implementation and ongoing support -- are available immediately. Inacom will also offer Office 2000 Pilot Deployment, a program for companies looking to pilot test Microsoft Office 2000 within a single department or workgroup before migrating the entire organization."Inacom recognizes that Office 2000 is no longer a simple desktop product. Microsoft Office 2000 provides the launching point to bring organizations to the world of collaborative workflow applications and knowledge management solutions," says Chris Howard, Senior Vice President of Professional Services, Inacom. "To successfully migrate to Microsoft Office 2000, corporate IT departments must develop a plan that ensures a stable infrastructure, intranet and Internet functionality and ongoing support. Inacom brings to the table extensive desktop management experience, having migrated over two million desktops last year alone, and deploying Microsoft Exchange to over one million seats. This experience, along with our participation in early evaluations of Office 2000, gives us confidence that our Office 2000 Deployment Services are comprehensive and will assure seamless and successful migrations for our clients."Leveraging the Technology Solutions Alliance with Microsoft, which was announced in April, Inacom is able to offer Office 2000 Deployment Services concurrent with Microsoft’s product release. As part of the Technology Solutions Alliance and Inacom’s early evaluation of Office 2000, Inacom’s engineers have developed first-hand knowledge of the product. Inacom also sponsored the Office 2000 Deployment Conference in March.Building on its desktop management expertise, Inacom will design client infrastructures (PCs, client/server, networks) for optimal utilization of Microsoft Office 2000. Inacom Office 2000 Deployment Services will help clients to transition rapidly from existing standalone desktop applications to the work group environment, integrating Microsoft Office 2000 features, such as collaborative workflow functionality, Internet and intranet-enabled applications and knowledge management solutions. Inacom will work with clients to efficiently deploy new applications for specific groups and between various departments across the enterprise. Inacom will also sell the Microsoft Office 2000 product and license -- and provide help desk support services -- through its Microsoft Authorized Support Center.As part of its Office 2000 Deployment Services, Inacom has developed Office 2000 Pilot Deployment to provide a trial testing experience. Working with the client’s development team, Inacom will conduct project initiation audits and interviews, create a preliminary Office 2000 Design to be tested in the Test Lab Environment and provide a technical analysis of testing results. Inacom will then deploy an Office 2000 pilot to the test group of up to 1,000 users and using the results, provide modifications for future deployment actions."Inacom’s desktop migration expertise and knowledge of IT infrastructure will help our customers receive optimal performance from Microsoft Office 2000," comments John Duncan, Product Manager of Microsoft Office. "Inacom has been closely aligned with us during the development process, and we are confident that customer organizations will benefit from their expertise."For more information on Inacom, visit

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