WinGuardian Monitors the Internet

Webroot Software, Inc. announced the availability of WinGuardian 2.0, the latest version of their Internet usage monitoring and management utility software that’s ideal for families, churches, libraries and schools. "WinGuardian takes a unique approach to controlling inappropriate use of computers by children or the general public using computers at schools and libraries," says Steve Thomas, President of Webroot Software, Inc. "The software does not censor or block access to Web sites. Instead, it can either run hidden or display a warning message to the user that they are being monitored. Items monitored include keystrokes (including chat room dialogue), programs used and sites visited on the Internet. It also captures screen shots of what users have been viewing."For facilities such as schools and libraries which have computers accessed by the public, WinGuardian can display an organization’s "acceptable use" policy, as well as secure Windows so users cannot intentionally or unintentionally run unauthorized programs or modify Windows configurations, such as wallpaper backgrounds and network settings. Using WinGuardian, can also significantly reduce the staff time needed to manage systems accessed by the public."WinGuardian’s ‘acceptable use’ option serves as a powerful preventative measure," says Thomas. "If users know that their actions are being monitored, they are less likely to engage in inappropriate activities."Key features of WinGuardian 2.0 include the following:* Screen Shot Capturing. A "snapshot" of what an Internet user is viewing is taken and stored as a graphic file. Screen shots can be taken at predetermined intervals, with a limit set on the number of screen shots captured before the system "rolls over" and starts overwriting the images.* Ability to e-mail WinGuardian Log Files. Through this function, WinGuardian log files of Internet usage (including screen captures) can be e-mailed at predetermined intervals, allowing parents to supervise their children’s Internet usage even when they are at work.* Support for America Online Users. *Friendlier User Interface. The user interface for WinGuardian has been further simplified, making it easier for even very inexperienced users to navigate the software and view log files.* More Efficient Use of System Resources. The code for WinGuardian has been streamlined and optimized, resulting in a program that uses even fewer system resources.WinGuardian is designed to run on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. The software can be configured to begin running at system startup. WinGuardian 2.0 software is available now for $39.95; site licenses for schools and libraries also are available. In addition, a free, functional trial version of the software is available for download at more information, contact Webroot Software, Inc. at (303) 554-6528 or via e-mail at

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