Buy A Vectra PC, Get A 3Com NIC

HP and 3Com Corporation have teamed up to provide enterprise customers with PC stability by supplying a 3Com network interface cards (NICs) throughout the life of the latest HP Vectra PC models, announced in February. Now, customers who purchase new HP Vectra PCs are assured of receiving models with the same 3Com Fast EtherLink 10/100 PCI NIC throughout the deployment of their new PCs -- limiting unexpected revision changes and updates to the software image.

This move, which HP says will provide consistent, long-term compatibility of key components, will enable HP to deliver PC stability to customers looking for easier PC deployment and lower total cost of ownership.

"[This] announcement reflects HP's commitment to PC stability -- one of the hottest issues for corporate customers right now," said Emilio Ghilardi, commercial PC product lines manager for HP's Business Desktop Division. "We've been working with our key suppliers to ensure that HP Vectra PCs remain the industry's most stable systems. Our customers can expect more announcements of this kind from HP, as we continue to move HP Vectra PCs into the future."

Customers who buy HP Vectra PC models without a NIC can purchase a 3Com network card from HP's approved accessory list. Revisions of these 3Com network cards from HP are strictly controlled to ensure stability and compatibility with HP Vectra PCs.

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