Asahi Bank Selects Mobius EDW

Asahi Bank, Ltd. of Japan has chosen the Mobius Electronic Document Warehouse (EDW) software suite to manage customer records and documents, including account records from both paper and wire transactions. The system will give users at the Asahi central bank and 330 branches instant, online access to 4,000 different kinds of documents and 100,000,000 pages of documents each year, according to bank officials.

The Mobius EDW is an integrated suite of products that archives and integrates documents of different formats on a variety of computing platforms and electronic storage devices, making them available over corporate networks and the Internet.

Asahi Bank will use ViewDirect, the archiving engine and document server, including the option to access documents direct from tape; and DocumentDirect, the Windows-based viewing client. The system was delivered by Kanematsu Electronics, Ltd. (KEL), a Mobius systems integrator in Japan.

The EDW system has been installed on desktops in Asahi’s headquarters. When fully operational, 5,000 users in all branches will use the system to archive, retrieve and display all customer management documents. Asahi Bank expects to save 700,000,000 Yen ($6 million) –– approximately 70 percent of related administrative costs –– by providing instant access to customer documents and avoiding storage and distribution of paper documents.In a related announcement, Mobius formed Mobius Management Systems Japan K.K., a wholly owned subsidiary based in Tokyo. The Mobius office in Japan opened on April 1, 1999; the company was registered in Japan on December 28, 1998.

A recent ruling by the Japanese government that permits electronic storage of financial data is expected to fuel demand across multiple industry sectors for electronic archival software. Mobius Japan will market and support the Mobius EDW software in Japan and North Asia, including South Korea, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. In addition to the Asahi Bank announcement, Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi are included as Mobius customers in Japan.

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