MKS Lends Integrity to AS/400 e-Business Development

With the release of its MKS Integrity Framework--consisting of Source Integrity Professional Edition 3.2, Source Integrity Select 3.2 and Source Integrity 7.4--Mortice Kern Systems Inc. (Waterloo, Ontario) is looking to extend its presence in the software configuration management marketplace.

Included within the new MKS Source Integrity releases are support for e-business development on the AS/400. MKS Source Integrity Professional Edition, MKS Source Integrity Select and MKS Source Integrity are designed to be used to manage software code on the AS/400 integrated file system (IFS), allowing AS/400 developers to work with languages such as Visual Basic, Java and HTML, to build e-business applications while retaining complete control over development in these environments.

"Customers are under continued pressure to develop business applications quickly--and the lines between development and production are blurring. Reliable, repeatable and measurable process management, workflow and release management capabilities are becoming critical to companies as applications become more complex, the pace of change increases and development operations are distributed around the globe," says Bill Skowera, MKS VP of product management. "As corporations enable back-office applications for the Web and engage in e-business, the need for software configuration management solutions, such as those offered by our MKS Source Integrity family of products, increases tenfold."

Other prominent MKS Source Integrity features include: Web-based process and workflow improvements, ease of use and productivity improvements, and release and post-release maintenance.

--L. Greenemeier

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