HP Bulletproofs Windows NT

HP has expanded its mission-critical services to offer what it’s calling a “bulletproof multivendor electronic-business infrastructure.” What follows is a summary of those announcements.

Network Support Services
Assessment Services for Networks include proactive identification of potential critical points of failure and analysis and recommendation to optimize performance and IT processes.
Network Availability Monitoring provides 24x7 remote network monitoring that augments in house staff by collecting network performance data and notifying operators of potential problems.
Network Device Call to Repair offers a six-hour call-to-restoration commitment on Cisco and HP network devices.

Business-recovery Services
Three new recovery services are being offered.
Continuous services guarantees recovery in less than one hour, Immediate services in two to eight hours and Critical services in eight to 24 hours. HP is calling this portfolio of recovery offerings “the industry’s first to provide near-continuous recovery services for both UNIX ... and Windows NT-based ... and the industry’s first moderately priced service for IT recovery in fewer than 12 hours." Recovery services can be priced as low as $15,000.

Mission Critical Services For Windows NT
HP’s Hign Availability Observatory (HAO) is being expanded to include support for NetServer systems and its Mission Critical Server Suite for NT now has a commitment for 99.9% uptime on Microsoft SQL Server databases.

The HAO is a suite of tools and processes that have, in the past, been used to deliver support for mission-critical HP 9000/HP-UX environments. The HAO for NT tracks customers’ configuration changes, notifies the HP Response Center of failures and captures up-to-date pictures of network topology.

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