<font size=-1>HP-UX 11 FORTIFIED WITH CDSA SECURITY</font>

HP Praesidium Adds Another Lock On The Data Fortress Door

HP has announced immediate availability of Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) -- The Open Group standard software security framework -- for HP-UX 11. HP has also announced an agreement to license AT&T encryption technology for three CDSA Cryptographic Service Providers CSPs. HP claims that adding this capability to HP-UX will give developers a complete set of encryption and public key infrastructure (PKI) application interfaces to simplify secure application development. The new security package, HP Praesidium CDSA Version 1.2, will be available at no charge to all HP-UX 11 customers.

HP-UX 11 integrated security features include IPSec, a standards-based virtual private network technology; secure remote user authentication via Kerberos v.5 and compliance to the U.S. government's TCSEC C2 standard. CDSA, originally developed by Intel, lets developers write to one common API. Developers can focus on a single PKI API for all security services. CDSA-enabled applications can be run on any HP-UX 11 platform and exported worldwide after a one-time U.S. Department of Commerce review.

"CDSA makes it easy for HP-UX 11 developers to incorporate strong security features into their applications and distribute them worldwide,” says Patrick Rogers, worldwide marketing manager of HP's Business Critical Computing Business Unit. “HP continues to deliver on its promise to provide a high-performance, end-to-end secure computing environment.”

The CSPs perform cryptographic operations such as data encryption, message digest hashing and digital signatures. They offer the following basic cryptographic functions: DES, CDMF, RC2, RC4, Diffie-Hellman, DSA, RSA, SHA-1, MD5, HMAC SHA-1, HMAC MD5, OAEP and random number generation. All of these algorithms and protocols conform to the relevant FIPS, ANSI and IEEE standards.

HP Praesidium CDSA Version 1.2 is included at no charge on the HP-UX 11 Application Release CD, available now to all HP-UX 11 customers.

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