DataMirror Brings Cluster Management Software To AS/400

Coinciding with the clustering solution in V4R4, DataMirror Corp. (Toronto) will be releasing its new cluster management software for the AS/400, iCluster. IBM worked with DataMirror to deliver this high availability solution for clustered AS/400 servers, which will be available on July 14, 1999.

The introduction of Cluster Services into the OS/400 operating system will help AS/400 customers achieve higher levels of data and application resiliency. iCluster will expand the service levels of the AS/400, giving companies new options for remaining up and running when problems occur.

“DataMirror technology leads the industry in providing reliable, high performance AS/400 high availability,” says Nigel Stokes, president and CEO of DataMirror. “For today’s mission-critical applications, including e-business and enterprise resource planning solutions, the cluster management capabilities provided by DataMirror will deliver unprecedented and unmatched levels of resiliency and availability.”

Users can easily install, configure and manage a cluster because iCluster is shipped with an intuitive user interface. Customers can define nodes in a cluster and determine what data is replicated to specific nodes within the cluster. If an outage occurs, customers will be able to perform rapid failover between servers in the cluster. This will enable users to have more flexibility and control over their computing environment and give them the knowledge that the applications driving their business are protected against down time.

“The introduction of Cluster Services on OS/400 V4R4, together with cluster management solutions provided by DataMirror, will help our mutual customers expand server availability and reach new levels of data resiliency on AS/400, says Steve Finnes, Manager, High Availability, IBM AS/400 Brand. “For customers, this translates into ease of management, high availability standardization, and the highest achievable levels of availability.”

--by J. Martin

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