IBM Introduces Another Tool for E-Business

IBM recently introduced IBM Infoprint 2000, a digital solution for the reprographics market that integrates information output with e-business. This solution allows users to submit and manage complex print jobs by giving users access to digital reprographics functions directly from their desktop. The Infoprint 2000 with IBM’s Infoprint Manager allows users to create documents from hard copy and electronic information, for e-mailing, faxing, publishing on the Web or printing.

When supported by Infoprint Manager software, the Infoprint becomes an e-business tool that allows users to: directly submit print jobs; store information; scan hard copy documents; load balance print jobs; output to hard copy, e-mail, fax on the Web; and reroute print jobs.

“With the Infoprint 2000, IBM is offering the reprographics market a powerful, simple solution,” says Bill McCracken, GM, IBM Printing Systems. “Our strength is managing information, and by digitizing analog documents, we’re empowering users to better manage the final output and integrate that information with e-business applications.”

Although Infoprint 2000 runs on RS/6000, it can connect with other servers. One of those servers is the AS/400. According to James Tramontana, Segment Manager, Digital Reprographics, IBM Printing Systems Company, Infoprint 2000 is a good fit with the AS/400 because it is powerful enough to keep up with the big AS/400’s and can do so without a large footprint.

In addition to being offered with Infoprint Manager Software, Infoprint 2000 is also offered in these models: Infoprint as a Digital Reprographics Publisher (RP1), Infoprint 2000 as a Network Publisher (NP1), Infoprint 2000 as a Data Center Publisher (DP1).

--by J. Martin

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